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Phone Spam - Project

The entire project is Documented and open (except for the server-side part, for security reasons).
Feel free to use this schematics.
Phase 1 - caller ID
Read caller ID from Tip and Ring with the HT9032D decoder chip.
Phase 2 - caller ID
Arduino code to get the caller ID.
Phase 3 - WiFi chip
A small and cheap WiFi Transmitter.
Phase 4 - Access Point
How to connect to an access point.
Phase 5 - Post Request
Sending phone number to a server.
Phase 6 - LCD display
A LCD display for the caller name.

The project idea

This project use only low costs components. So you are able to create it with:
  • 3$ Arduino nano or mini/pro
  • 3$ FSK-decoder (1$ if you get a SMD decoder)
  • 3$ ESP8266 WiFi module
  • 3$ 16x2 display, maybe a 20x4 would be better but more expensive
That's all! All circuits/schemas are described in this page and source code is available too!

Difficulty in this project?

The idea is simple: block every call center. But it is not easy, because they change number each day.
Create a database is a solution, get the phone number from the best way :D
So, what are the problems in this project?
  1. Connect the caller ID chip to Arduinoworks!
  2. Write the entire code with only 2kb of RAM!
  3. Connect WiFi module
  4. Get a fast answer from server with the phone number
  5. Connect display
  6. Create first prototypes
  7. Get API (key) from search.chgot up to 1000 requests/day!
Maybe this project will fail... Maybe at point 1 :P I hope I can do it up to the last point!

Develop progress

Current progress for a working prototype:

*Currently, both my ESP8266 are broken... They doesn't work anymore :(
I am waiting for other ESP's...


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